Our Management Team

Frederick W. Fesenmyer – Chairman

Fred currently serves as the Chairman of Minard Run Oil Company after having served in various capacities as the Company’s President, CEO, and COO for over 40 years. The fourth-generation President helped to lead Minard Run through a turbulent time in the late 1980s with falling commodity prices and rising production costs.

With Minard Run holding hundreds of acres of valuable forestland, he orchestrated a profitable timber sale to bridge the revenue gap in the 1990s until newly formed joint ventures could sustain the organization. Fred worked to solidify his management team with talented individuals that assisted in problem-solving and strategic planning.

In the early 1980s under Fred’s guidance, Minard Run successfully defended a landmark lawsuit which continues to define the rights and responsibilities of mineral owners on National Forest lands. Fred and his counsel directed this defense with skill and determination, recognizing that a loss would undermine the ability of operators to extract minerals from millions of acres of forest lands.

Fred’s participation with industry and community Boards over the years displays the value that he places on these organizations. He has served as the Vice President and Director of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) and has attended their annual meetings for thirty years. Fred was the Chairman of the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Association for more than twenty years. He also sits on the Board of American Refining Group. Civically, Fred is or has been involved with the Bradford Airport

Authority, Bradford Alliance, Bradford Public Library, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, the Bradford Children’s Home, and the National Stripper Well Consortium among countless other non-profit organizations.

Meredith M. Fesenmyer – President

In January 2017, Meredith became the fifth generation to lead Minard Run Oil Company having taken the reins from her father, Frederick W. Fesenmyer, when he assumed the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors. Although the Company has always been a fixture in her life, it wasn’t until 2007 that she became actively involved as the Safety Manager. It was in this role that Meredith gained a full understanding of the field operations and acted as a liaison between the office personnel and field. She was quickly promoted to Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer where she began to hone her office management skills, her knowledge of information technology, and broaden her experience with human resource management.

Meredith has completed or participated in various courses and seminars, most notably from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. These courses have aided in her development as a C-Level manager and have provided the framework in which she leads the organization. She takes great pride in the oil and gas industry and the community at-large. Meredith is a board member for the PennBrad Oil Museum and is a member of IOGANY and PIPP. Locally, she supports the Bradford Hospital Foundation and the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, as well as many other civic organizations.

Marcia Stewart, RPL – Vice President, Land

Marcia brings to the Minard Run Team her extensive knowledge of the fundamental aspects of all land work as it relates to the oil and gas industry. Her success within land management stems from her sound understanding of contracts and real property law, an understanding that is bolstered by her continuing education.

Marcia’s areas of focus include determining mineral ownership, acquiring leases, clearing title and preparing the land for drilling. She also negotiates and prepares various types of contracts and maintains those contracts by administering compliance while working closely with oil and gas lessors, land companies and governmental agencies. Marcia supports the Minard Run Team in negotiating acquisitions or divestitures of mineral rights as well as negotiating business agreements that provide for the exploration or the development of minerals.

Marcia is an active member of the Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York (IOGANY), Northern Appalachian Landman’s Association (NALA), Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers (PIPP) and Pennsylvania Association of Notaries (PAN). She holds a bachelor’s degree from Mercyhurst University and is certified as a Registered Professional Landman through the American Association of Professional Landmen (AAPL). As an active member of the AAPL, Marcia is committed to following the organization’s mission which is to promote the highest standards of performance and to encourage sound and ethical stewardship of energy and mineral resources. 

Mary Gilstrap, Vice President of Operations 

Mary has 30 plus years engineering and operations work experience within the oil and gas industry. During her career, she obtained a petroleum engineering degree from Marietta College in Ohio. Following graduation, she worked as a  petroleum engineer and manager for various Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Production companies focusing on asset development in various basins within the United States.  While working within the natural gas pipeline transmission and distribution industry, she oversaw the development of integrated organizations focused on effective technology use.  After recognizing a niche market in the Marcellus Basin development, she helped start and manage an oil and gas service company that focused on remotely monitoring and tracking water movements by Marcellus Producers.  Her areas of expertise are in oil and gas operations optimization, technology development and deployment, and personnel/organization development.  

Mary Beth Holohan, Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer

Mary Beth joined the Minard Run Oil team in 2018. She brings a broad background of knowledge to the team, with over 20 years of manufacturing accounting experience. She has held many different accounting positions with expanding responsibilities culminating in becoming a controller. She draws her knowledge of accounting from practical experience, as well as her undergraduate degree and MBA education. Mary Beth leads a fantastic team of accountants at MROC. The department works hard to provide the management team, shareholders, employees, well owners and joint venture partners with the most accurate and relevant financial information available. Mary Beth oversees the daily financial operations, the capital and finances, risk management, tax planning, capital expenditures, company budgeting, and shareholder communications. The culmination of her and the team’s efforts are to help make the company as profitable as possible. Mary Beth is committed to striving to exemplify the longstanding traditions of MROC - a safe, respectful work environment, acknowledging the importance of all employees to the team’s success, and collaborative communication to achieve the best results for the company.